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Genesys International spurts after bagging project in Saudi Arabia
18-Sep-23   15:43 Hrs IST

The contract involves producing and updating national coverage maps, creating elevation models, digital form outputs, and more. The project will be completed in 18 months.

With this, the cumulative order wins in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is totaling Rs 76 crore.

Further, Genesys International has also established a subsidiary in KSA.

Sajid Malik, CMD of Genesys International, expressed enthusiasm about the company's expansion in Saudi Arabia, calling it a nation leading transformative infrastructure projects. The cumulative orders worth Rs. 76 crores highlight the team's expertise and commitment to the region's development. Malik emphasized Genesys's dedication to fostering partnerships, driving innovation, and delivering excellence to meet the evolving needs of clients, both in Saudi Arabia and globally.

Genesys International Corporation provides advanced mapping, survey, and geospatial services. With a team of over 2000 professionals, Genesys offers expertise in Geographical Information System (GIS) and Geospatial Engineering. It possesses a unique combination of consumer-focused mapping technology and enterprise solutions, including remote sensing LiDAR, aerial survey, photogrammetry, and e-governance solutions.

On a consolidated basis, Genesys International Corporation reported net loss of Rs 5.33 crore in Q1 June 2023 as against net profit of Rs 4.29 crore in Q1 June 2022. Net sales declined 19.07% YoY to Rs 34.55 crore in Q1 June 2023.

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